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Students After A Makeup Lesson

Makeup Lessons Sydney

Is it your dream to become a professional makeup artist and perfect your makeup artistry?

If you are seeking to upgrade your skills and learn professional application techniques, Sydney Makeup Courses offers a range of classes that you will love!

Enjoyable classes with a hands-on focus. Tailored lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. Small classes to ensure you get to focus on the specific techniques you want to master and receive personalised feedback, training and mentoring.

Sydney Makeup Courses has been designed to provide a revolutionary training system that ensures students are able to thrive in professional environments. Our makeup trainers are industry experts that have worked at the highest level in film, editorial, catwalk and fashion. More than just sharing information, the makeup trainers inspire, mentor and assist you to reach a new level of creativity, confidence and professionalism. Learn the tips and tricks that have taken past students to become recognised names and industry leaders both in Australia and internationally.

If you have learned all you can from Youtube makeup tutorials, now is the time to learn the techniques that professional makeup artists use. If you are a beauty enthusiast that wants to make a name for yourself as a professional makeup artist, Susan Markovic and the team of makeup trainers are ready to help you on your journey. Receive personalised training and gain the experience and industry know-how that you can only receive from an industry expert. At our makeup academy you will get to experiment with premium-quality makeup brands in a professional setting.

The makeup industry is a competitive market with a lot of highly talented individuals. Stand out from the crowd and develop your own style and confidence with personalised training at Sydney Makeup Courses.

We collaborate on some of the largest beauty and fashion campaigns and projects in Sydney. Our makeup classes allow you to experience the excitement and enjoyment of working at the forefront of the industry in real-world scenarios. Feel empowered by seeing your artistry thrive and develop in a short period of time. If there are skills or techniques that you have felt you have never been able to master, the makeup trainers will share their tips and tricks to help you overcome your challenges.

Mastering makeup application has never been so enjoyable and accessible.

Are you ready to enrol?

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  1. Our courses are designed to help you succeed as a professional makeup artist.

  2. You will learn the skills, gain experience and create industry contacts so that you can stand out from the crowd.

  3. Our makeup trainers are qualified, certified and passionate about what they do.

  4. Small class sizes so you can learn at your own pace.

  5. Short courses that are packed full of inspirational lessons.

  6. 5-Star rated lessons.

  7. Great value for money.

  8. Innovative practical lessons.

  9. Perfect learning environment.

  10. Past students have gone on to win awards as Australian Makeup Artist of the Year.

Sydney Makeup Courses is raising the standard of makeup education in Australia.

Each class has a maximum of only six students to ensure you get a chance to learn at a comfortable pace.

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